• First Quarter Structures and Functions of Living Organisms:  Living and Nonliving Things
    • Compare different types of the same animal to determine individual differences
    • Compare characteristic of living and nonliving things (structure, growth, changes, movement, basic needs)
     Second Quarter
    Forces and Motion:  Positions and Motions

    • Positions of objects using position words:  in front of, behind, between, on top of, under, above, below and beside.
    • How objects move:  straight, zigzag, round and round, back and forth, fast and slow.
    Third Quarter
    Matter, Properties and change:  Physical Properties and how they are used
    • Classify objects by properties:  size, color, shape, texture, weight and flexibility.
    • Compare physical properties of different materials (clay, wood, cloth, paper) and how they are used. 
    Fourth Quarter
    Changes and Patters of Weather
    • Make observations of changes in the environment using senses.
    • Summarize daily weather conditions  (daily weather journal)
    • Compare weather patterns that occur from season to season