Students are completing the last units of the year.  Next week we will be reviewing everything we have learned to prepare for the EOG tests.  The tests will be on May 31-June 3.   
     April 2016,
       I hope you had a great spring break.  We are busy getting into our last quarter.  We will be done learning about plants next week and will move onto Ecosystems as our last unit before testing.  This should be an extension from what your students learned in 5th grade.  We are currently growing bean and flower seeds in class.  I am hoping the flowers will have a nice start so they can come home for Mother's day.  They students will have to complete a study guide, turn in the plant folder they have been working on in class and take the quiz next week.  In social studies we will be finishing the unit on China and taking the test then we will quickly move on to Japan.  After that we will finish the year with Medieval times in Europe.  The last weeks of school will be spent on reviewing for the end of year tests.  On the presentation page I have added some information for you to use as we study for the end of year tests.  There are several resources you can use to go back over any units in science and social studies.  The last week of school will be on a unit we complete as a team.  We can always use glue sticks, tissues, and plain old wooden #2 pencils and of course notebook paper.  Thanks for your support 
     March 21,
       We will be taking 2 assessments tomorrow.  One in Science covering our unit on Earth structures and one in SS on Ancient India.  STudents have a reading packet (some are already done) that they need to annotate and answer questions from that is due the 23rd.  This will help them if they have struggled this quarter or hurt them if they choose to not turn it in.  They have had time in class to do this and were able to take it home Friday.  Wednesday is an early release day and there is no school on Friday.  Enjoy your break. 
     Feb 10
       We will be finishing our unit on space next week and will be taking the unit test next Wednesday.  Then we will start our new unit on Earth Structures starting with the layers of the Earth.  We will also be ending our unit on Ancient Africa next week and will have a unit test on Friday.  Please have your students study for both tests using their class notes, worksheets etc.  We also need some more tissues, and number 2 pencils.  We start our school fundraiser this Thursday.  A packet of information will be coming home then so be looking for that in their backpacks.  We do have school Monday but watch the weather it seems as if we may get a wintry mix!  School Valentine dance is this Friday the 12th. Keep warm this weekend.    
     Feb 1st
       We have been moving through our unit on space trying to catch up with the extra snow days we enjoyed.  We will be having a quiz this Friday on what we have been covering rotation, revolution, tides and eclipses, what makes earth unique, and what positions the sun, moon and earth are in during certain times of the year and month.  See the homework page and use your notebook and worksheets to study.  Friday we will Panther pride day so you can wear your panther stuff or your CMS things if you would like.  We will have school on Feburary 15th as a snow make up day.  They are also selling tickets to the Valentines day dance which is on the 12th.  More info can be found on the CMS site.  In social studies, we will be having a vocab quiz on Wednesday.  Words are on the homework page (hopefully the link is working).  Friday we will have an open notes assessment on Islam.   We will be moving on to Ancient Africian cultures next week.   We would love to have more tissues, gluesticks and pencils in class if you would like to donate any.  This may be the time your students start to get to the end of spiral notebooks and may need another one so please check with your child to see if they need any supplies.  Thank you
     Jan 8, 2016
       Hope you had a nice break!  We will be having our science benchmark test January 12th and the Social Studies benchmark Jan 13th.  We have spent this first week back reviewing all the content we have covered since the beginning of the year to help prepare for the tests.  Monday the science study guide will come home.  We will begin our new units after the tests.  In science we will begin Earth in the Universe and in Social Studies we will learn about Islam.  The weather can get crazy in January and February please make sure you check with the news stations regarding any delays or cancellations.  There is no school on January 18 and 19th.  Report cards will come home sometime after the 19th.  You will be able to see your student's grades on power teacher also.  We are really needing kleenex and number 2 pencils. Extra credit is always given to those who bring in things we are needing for the classroom.  Thank you for your support 
     Dec 8, 2015
       We are finishing up on unit on Heat Transfer this week.  There will be a quiz this Thursday on thermal energy.  See homework site for vocab words.  Next week, we will take the unit test and do review Monday and Tuesday.  The test will be on Wednesday.  In social studies, we are finishing up our unit on Ancient Rome.  Tomorrow we have a vocab test and next week we will have the Ancient Rome test.  The students can participate with the teachers in dressing up each day until the 18th.  Tomorrow students can wear green, Thursday wear a holiday hat, Friday is holiday socks.  Next Monday wear white, Tuesday tie/bow, Wednesday wear brown, Thursday crazy sweater and Friday red and white.  I know all of us are anxiously awaiting our holiday break.  Please remind students that we still need to keep it together in classes and finish up with good grades before we leave.  Thank you 
     Nov 17
       This week in science we are starting our new unit on Energy.  We will talk more in depth about the electromagnetic spectrum and after Thanksgiving we will get into conduction, convection, and radiation.  Students have  a quiz on the spectrum Thursday or Friday this week.  In social studies we will be finishing up our unit on Ancient Greece.  They will take a quiz on Greece with some review of the other units we have done so far on Friday.  Parent teacher conferences will be on Thursday there may be a time slot or two still open.   No school Nov 25-27.  Have a great Thanksgiving.   
     Nov 5th
       Tomorrow is spirit day students should wear a CMS shirt or red, white and blue.  Next week there is no school on Wednesday the 11th.  We will be having a quiz on sound and then a unit test covering waves, light and sound on Thursday.  The following week we will move on to our new unit on Energy.   The students will have a study guide to help them study.  In social studies we are learning about Ancient Greece.  We will be learning about Greece until the Thanksgiving break then we will move on to Rome. We are in need of pencils (the ones I have I need to hold on to for tests, only #2 pencils can be used)   We also need glue sticks.  Thank you
     Oct 27
       This week is our Field trip to the play the Lighting Thief.  Thursday please send a lunch with your child we will eat in the classroom when we get back.  The eye projects were due on the 23rd.  Please send them in if you haven't done so yet.  Also, on Thursday students can wear as much red as they can to support no drugs and earn points for the Jedi team.  Friday the 30th is picture retake day.  We will also have a test on Friday on Egypt.  The pharaoh movie poster is due Wednesday the 28th.  Turn your clocks back this weekend.
    Upcoming dates to remember 
    No school Nov 11th
    Parent teacher conferences Nov 12th and 19th
    Thanksgiving break Nov 25-27 
     Oct 20 
       End of the quarter tests were this week.  The end of the quarter is this Friday.  If you have been looking at powerschool then you will see what your child's grades are in each class.  Tomorrow is wear orange day.  The 23rd the eye project is due in science.  On October 28th the Pharaoh movie poster is due in Social Studies.  A rubric for each has been given to your student.  Please look for these in their backpacks.  October 27th is a PTA meeting information on that is on the website and information came home also.  October 29th is the field trip to see the Lighting Thief please send a bag lunch with your child that day unless they need one from the cafeteria.  There is no school Oct 26th it is a teacher workday.  We are in need of pencils if you would like to send some in.  Students that are interested in the science fair will have a packet to help them complete the project.  It will be due at school December 8th.  This is optional and done for extra credit.  They can work alone or in groups of up to 3 only.  Thank you for your support
     Sept 28-oct2
       Progress reports went home today.  Please sign them and send them back tomorrow.  Wednesday is an early release day.  Please be aware your child will be coming home at 12 that day.  We have started a new unit called Forces and Motion in science.  We will talk about waves, light, sound, seeing and hearing.  This Friday there will be a quiz on waves.  Wednesday we will start our test on Early Humans in social studies.  Those who need more time can finish the test Thursday.   
     Sept 21-25
       There is a matter unit test this Thursday the 24th.  Students should work on any matter vocabulary they are still having trouble with.  They should use the 2 quizzes, vocabulary sheets, flash cards, quizlet, and any worksheets with vocabulary to help them study.  Tomorrow they should go over the practice questions we have done and they can also go back to Kahoot and play the review games on matter.  Wednesday they will need to complete the study guide for a grade and turn it in before the test on Thursday.  Next Wednesday Sept 30th there will be another early release day.  Students will leave at 12 noon.  In science we will start our new unit on Waves, and Light and Sound.  In social studies we will take a quiz on Early Human vocab tomorrow.  Next week on the 29th they will take a test on Early Humans.  Then after the 1st we will start our new unit on Mesopotamia and Egypt.   
      I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend.  Next week will be our first early release day on the 16th.  Students will be coming home at 12 on that day.   Remember to turn in field trip forms and money if you haven't already done so.  We will still be talking about the 5 themes of geography and map skills this week.  We will also talk about an ancient civilization called Catal Hayauk.  In science, we are learning about physical and chemical changes.  We will also talk about mass, weight, density, solubility and mass.  We will be done with our unit on Matter about Sept 24 and there will be a test covering everything we have talked about.  
    Hello all,
       We had a great first week.  Thank you to everyone who has sent in supplies.  I'm so excited that pretty much everyone has what they need each day for class.  In science we have begun our unit on matter which will last to the end of the month.  In social studies we are talking about the 5 themes of geography this week.  I hope to be contacting those in my homeroom just to check in and hear if you have any questions or concerns.  In class we do use our devices sometimes to answer questions and review information.  It is your child's responsibility to take of their device and to only use it when allowed.  It can be taken away until the end of the day or class period if it is being used at an inappropriate time.  The students also work hard to earn some free time on certain Friday's and they can use their devices at this time also.  Having headphones/ear buds is also something required if they are listening to music during some work times.  We will be going on a field trip in October to see The Lighting Thief at the Twin City Stage.  We need to have the field trip form back and the money due by this Friday Sept 4th.  Also, we have our first early release day coming up on the 16th.  Students will be leaving school by 12 that day.   Thank you for your support and don't forget to check the homework sites.