•  Student Services Professionals


    Jessica Williams, Counselor 
    9th Grade Students- Class of 2027
    Governors School Co-Chair
    Crosby Scholars Liaison
    Christina Moore, Counselor
    10th Grade Counselor, Class of 2026
    Governors School Co-Chair
    PSAT Facilitator, Military Liaison  
    Destiny Campbell, Counselor
    11th Grade Counselor, Class of 2025
    Social Media Coordinator
    Enrichment Programs
    Shakari Mosley, Counselor

    12th Grade Counselor, Class of 2024
    Scholarship Committee Chair
    SIT Representative
    Keisha Horton, Director/Counselor
    Director of Student Services
    Countdown to College Coordinator, Master Schedule
    Senior Activities Coordinator, SSD Coordinator
    Mental Health Services Coordinator, Naviance Coordinator
    Career Development Counselor
    Athletic Liaison
    Chic-Fil-A Leadership Program
    Career Fair Coordinator
    Career Development Month Coordinator
    Pamela Bennett-Wall
    Graduation Coach
    Credit Recovery Coordinator
    Sr Academy Liaison
    Rhea Sua
    Administrative Assistant
    Transcript & Waiver Requests
    Driver's Eligibility
    Amanda Simmons
    Student Enrollment/Withdrawals
    Cumulative Records
    Contact Info Updates


Last Modified on September 18, 2023