•  Student Services Professionals

    mustang love
    Keisha Horton, Director/Counselor
    10th-12th Students last names M-Q
    Countdown to College Month
    Scholarship Committee Chair
    Awards Day Coordinator
    Anna Costa, Counselor
    10th-12th, last names A-E
    IST Chair
    Governors School Co-Chair
    Kendra Britto, Counselor
    10th - 12th Students last names F-L
    Enrichment Opportunities
    Crosby Scholars Liaison
    Karrie Tuttle, Counselor
    10th-12th Students last names R-T
    NCAA Clearinghouse Coordinator
    Career Development Coordinator
    Career Month Coordinator
    Jessica Williams, Counselor 
    9th Grade Students- Class of 2023
    SIT Representative
    Hispanic Parent Group
    SEAL Coordinator
    Daryle Maxwell, Counselor
    9th Grade Students, Class of 2022
    10th-12th, last names V-W
    504 Coordinator
    Tamara Slater, Administrative Assistant
    Transcript requests
    Driver's Eligibility
    Scheduling & Conference Appointments
    Erika Simon, Registrar
    Student Enrollment / Withdrawals
    Cumulative Records
    Address Change
    Fabienne Quick, School Social Worker
    Raquel Wilkins, EC Case Manager 
    Annual Review and EC questions