• IMPORTANT NOTE:  When registering to take the SAT or the ACT, be sure to indicate the up to 4 colleges that you want to receive your scores to avoid paying a fee to send the scores later.

    • To send scores after testing, log in to your ACT or SAT account created during registration and look for the Send Scores tab. 
    • Remember, to send scores after testing, it will cost you $$!
    *Fee waivers are available for students who are eligible to receive free/reduced price lunch.  Students are allowed 2 SAT or ACT fee waivers. Please fill out the Request for SAT/ACT/NCAC Waiver. An access code will be e-mailed to your student e-mail account.

    What does a fee waiver cover?

    • 100% of the registration fee for a single test (late fee for SAT)
    • Students can receive 2 waivers for the SAT, 2 waivers for SAT Subject Tests, and 2 waivers for the ACT
    • Each time you register to take a test, you can choose to send your scores to 4 colleges. These 4 reports must be requested at the time of registration or up to 9 days after sitting for the test. When using an SAT fee waiver, students will receive 4 additional score reports (worth $45) to send to colleges of your choice AND college application fee waivers in their college board portal after sitting for the exam. 
    • Most colleges charge an application fee. As an SAT or ACT fee-waiver user, you are entitled to use, and will  receive, 4 college application fee waivers from the College Board after your test scores are released.  Please log into your College Board account to retrieve your college application fee waivers. *Many 4-year and 2-year colleges accept application waivers – view a list of schools that participate in the college application fee waiver process, or use our online search tool. College is within your reach - application waivers can help you get there.
Last Modified on September 19, 2023