• Parent Advisory Council
    September 17, 2013
    1. New Superintendent Beverly Emory introduced herself to the parents. This was her first PAC meeting since becoming superintendent in July.
    2. Dr. Emory gave a back-to-school update:
    • PowerSchool is the new student information database, replacing NCWISE. Every district in the state is now using PowerSchool, and the switch to it this summer caused a few hiccups as we prepared to start school. Transportation staff and counselors spent extra hours routing buses and scheduling classes, respectively. We are still waiting on some functions, including being able to print student transcripts (should come in early October) and the ability to extract parent email addresses and more than one phone number. The latter prevents us from emailing announcements to parents, as well as using more than one phone number per student when doing automated calls. We are not sure when we have that capability; it is a statewide issue.
    • Bus times have settled down now that we're past the opening of school. There are some routes that still consistently run late, and we are working on shortening those.
    3. Safety and security has been a focus, especially after the incident at Carver High School on Aug. 30. Dr. Emory praised the response of Carver students and staff that afternoon. She addressed the question of metal detectors by saying that they weren't practical at large schools with many buildings, entrances and exits. Dr. Emory said that the variety in our campuses means that we can't have a "one-size-fits-all" solution to security, but that administrative staff were meeting with law enforcement to continue to improve our practices.

    4. Dr. Emory gave a summary of the public meetings she held over the summer. She met with about 300 people across the county over 20 meetings. She reported that the groups said the top strength of the district is its staff. The top concerns to come out of the meetings were worries about equity and segregation in schools, along with access to technology.

    5. Dr. Emory surveyed the group to see what kind of format they would like in PAC meetings. The consensus was that parents would like to continue to see school staff answer their questions and concerns. Topics and questions can be submitted ahead of time to Theo Helm.
    The next meeting is 6 p.m. on Oct. 15 in Room 219 of the Education Building. For more information, please call the Office of Marketing and Communications at 727-2696.
Last Modified on September 19, 2013