• Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday nights and should take 30-60 minutes to complete.  We will take time each day to write homework in our planners and be sure that we have the needed supplies to complete it. 

    Since servers sometimes go down, I recommend you take advantage of your planner (provided by Morgan) by copying down homework from the board each day.  The website is a good safety net, but not reliable 100% of the time.  Where can you find the daily assignments on the web page?  They will be posted on the calendar ~ see calendar tab. 

       Set a schedule.  While this can be flexible, it's a good idea to have a set time when students do their homework.  Many students need a little time to unwind after school before tackling their homework, but doing it too close to bed time may be difficult due to fatigue.  Find what works best for your child.

       Provide a home study center for your child with adequate light and few distractions.  Doing homework in front of the television is typically not a good idea.  A dictionary, paper, pens, etc., should also be readily available. 

       Be available when your child is doing homework, so that you can answer questions if there is confusion.  If possible, it is better for you to be in another room, so you are easily accessible and yet not a distraction. 

       Don't do the homework for your child.  While help is encouraged, I don't expect perfect work all the time.  Seeing the pattern of errors is often helpful to me. 

       Check homework for completion.  While students should be responsible to complete their own assignments, you looking over what they've done a) keeps you informed of what your child is studying, b) provides the sometimes necessary reminder to complete the work, and c) shows that you care about what your child is working on.

       Praise your child for his or her diligent work, as well as for accomplishment.

    Tips adapted from an article in Parent Journal, Autumn 1994
    Reprinted on Kidsource Online
    © and ™ 1997, 1998, 1999 Schwab Foundation for Learning