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    Is Your Child Being Bullied?

    Be supportive - don"t assume your child provoked the bullying. Tell him or her that bullying is wrong, not their fault and that you are glad they had the courage to tell you about it.

    Check your emotions. A parent"s protective instincts stir strong emotions.

    Find out when and where the bullying happened and who was involved.

    Contact your child"s teacher or principal.

    Never tell your child to ignore the bullying. What the child might "hear" is that you are going to ignore it.

    Ask your child what he or she thinks can be done to help and offer assurances that you"ll think about it.

    Do not criticize if you disagree with how your child handled the bullying.

    Do not encourage physical retaliation.

    Do not contact the bully"s parents. Let school officials do this.

    Expect the bullying to stop. Talk regularly with your child and school staff to see whether it has. If it persists, contact school authorities again.

    [Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Web site - www.stopbullyingnow.hrsa.gov]

Last Modified on July 31, 2021