• Welcome to JROTC.  The purpose of JROTC is to motivate today's youth to become better citizens.  To accomplish this goal, th following subject matter will be taught along with the opportunity to be in a leadership role during the school year.  All cadets will be required to join at least one JROTC team and participate in 90% of community activities (Wake Forest/Winston-Salem State parking detail, adopat a Highway program, etc).  Parents are encouraged to become as involved with JROTC as they desire.  Our extra curriculum activities often take us to different schools throughout the state, and we could always use parents as chaperones to support the trip.
    Once a week (usually every Wednesday), the cadets are required to wear his/her uniform all day.  Students are inspected by the Senior Army Instructor, Army Instructor or senior cadets to ensure JROTC standards are being met. The last Wednesday of the month, students are asked to wear a JROTC T-shirt . The T-shirt will cost each student approximate $7 dollars.
    The following subjects will be taught during the school year:
    LET1                                                                                                                  TOTAL HOURS
    Unit 1: Intro to JROTC, achoracter and Ldrship development program                              14
    Unit 2: Leadership theory and application                                                                            43
    Unit 3: Foundation for success                                                                                              20
    Unit 4: Wellness, Fitness, and First aid                                                                                 21
    Unit 5: Geography and Earth Science                                                                                      5
    Unit 6: Citizenship and American History                                                                            13
    Unlocking Your Potential                                                                                                       10
    SAI Optional Subject/Time                                                                                                    38
    LET 2
    Unit 2: Leadership Theory and Application                                                                          40
    Unit 3: Foundation for Success                                                                                               28
    Unit 4: Wellness, Fitness, and First Aid                                                                                 27
    Unit 5: Geography and Earath Science                                                                                     7
    Unit 6:Citizenship and American History                                                                              20
    SAI Optional Subjects                                                                                                             42