• Ms. Norman and Ms. Hammaker are speech-language pathologists who work with students that have difficulties in the areas of articulation, voice, fluency, and language.
     What is Speech?

                Articulation: How speech sounds are made (e.g., a child must learn how to produce the /r/ sound in order to say

                "rabbit"  instead of "wabbit".

                Fluency: The rhythm of speech (e.g., hesitations or stuttering can affect fluency).

                Voice: Use of vocal folds and breathing to produce sound (e.g., the voice can be abused from overuse or misuse and

                can lead to hoarseness or loss of voice).

    What is Language?

    • Form of Language

                                  -Phonology is the sound system of a language and the rules about how sounds  are combined.   

                                 -Morphology is the structure of words and how word forms are constructed. 

                                 -Syntax is the order and combination of words to form sentences.
    • Content of Language

                               -Semantics is related to the meanings of words and sentences.

    • Function of Language

                               -Pragmatics is the combination of language components (phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics) in functional and socially appropriate ways.


                                                                                                                                                                    information courtesy of ASHA website