Like ECF students, I earned associate degrees before transferring to a four-year college. At Salem College, I obtained a bachelors of science in Biology with a Chemistry Minor. Shortly after graduation, I began my career as an educator. In 2005 I took a hiatus from teaching and entered into a graduate program at UNCG where I earned a masters of science degree in biology. Research for my thesis was a genetic study using purple martins as my model organism. From my research, I authored a paper published in the scientific journal Conservation Genetics.
     Biology.......a dynamic science as there new discoveries every day!! In short, it is the study of life; structures and functions of living things (such as cells), evolution (speciation), distribution of organisms and how various populations interact. 
     Chemistry.......A physical science that looks at the composition, structure, properties of matter. It refers to atomic and molecular systems. Remember the periodic table of the elements? If not, you will be familiar with it after this course. 
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