Crisis Response and Intervention

    A District Crisis Leadership Team is on call for any crisis situations that occur in the schools. This team provides leadership, direct services, and coordination in crisis preparedness. When a situation occurs (such as a death, accident, or trauma), central office administration or the school administrator contacts the Director of Psychological Services to activate the Crisis Response Team. Typically, a school will request additional assistance if it is believed that an incident cannot be handled by school-based personnel.

    Area crisis response teams are called in to support the school staff at a level deemed appropriate and necessary to the perceived impact on the school staff, student body, and community. The role of the area crisis response team is to provide support and guidance to school-based personnel. The general approach is to assist in assessing the crisis situation and providing options to the school’s administration.

    Members of the area crisis response teams include psychologists, counselors, and social workers who work along with counselors at the school. A group of members from the local faith community, trained in crisis intervention, are also available to assist the team as appropriate.

     General guidelines to follow in the event of a crisis are:

    • School administrator or central office administration contacts Director of Psychological Services at 727-8080 (office).
    » In consultation with school administrator, an initial assessment is made to determine the extent and specifics of the event and the type and extent of response needed.
    » Crisis needs may be resolved through consultation with Director of Psychological Services.
    • If additional support is needed, Director of Psychological Services contacts the area crisis response team.
    » Area crisis response team works with school-based personnel (counselor, administrator, etc.) to further assess needs and provide           appropriate action.

    » Need for additional support is determined by leader of the area crisis response team and school-based personnel.


    Some of the services/supports provided to a school in time of crisis include:

     Evaluating for psychological trauma

    • Providing interventions and responding to psychological needs of students and staff
    • Identifying students in need of follow-up and/or referral to outside agency
    • Consulting with administration and school team on management of situation, e.g. communication with students, staff, parents, covering classes
    • Assisting at staff meetings to share information and to debrief staff
    • Providing resources on strategies to use in the aftermath of a crisis



    For additional support or assistance, please call:
    Dr. Corliss Thompson-Drew, Director of Psychological Services
    336-727-8080 (office)