• Parent Advisory Council
    October 15, 2013
    1. Superintendent Beverly Emory introduced herself to the parents, and President Angie Vaughn of the Forsyth Council of PTAs welcomed parents.
    2. Karel Chandler of the Forsyth Educational Partnership told parents about the Educator Warehouse. Donations and volunteers are always welcome.
    3. John Worley, the accountability director, gave a presentation about test scores that will be released on Nov. 7.  We don't know WS/FCS results yet, but scores statewide are down. It's important not to compare the scores to previous years, because they are based on a new curriculum and new tests.
    4. Dr. Emory gave an update on security measures. The school board voted unanimously on Oct. 8 to buy camera systems for all elementary schools' front entrances, and classrooms in all buildings will be labeled on the exterior windows to help workers in case of emergencies. The school district will spend about $66,000 to install the camera systems at 33 elementary schools and $32,000 to label windows in 82 schools and buildings.
    5. Dr. Emory presented her goals for this school year that the school board approved on Sept. 25.
    6. Kenneth Simington, the assistant superintendent for instructional and student services, talked about how the school district has been given very little money from the state to buy new textbooks. This has meant text replacement has tapered off without the money. Dr. Emory said that providing textbooks is a state responsibility. She is wary of using county money to buy textbooks, because she feels it encourages the state to pass the cost down to the local level. Dr. Simington and Dr. Emory were followed by Jill Lindstrom, a parent at East Forsyth High School. Lindstrom encouraged parents to actively lobby for the restoration of textbook funding. 
Last Modified on October 23, 2013