I have been teaching English III Honors since my teaching career began, and I absolutely love it.  American Literature will be the basis for our course. We will study Greek and Latin root-based vocabulary, fine-tune your grammar, and improve your writing skills. Be prepared to participate in lots of discussions and yes, there will be nightly homework.
    The WSFCS system is moving toward Haiku as its learning management system, and I am doing my best to learn it and, in turn, help you learn to use it! Being able to log in is the first task you need to know, so look below for how to log into the Haiku system.


    1. On the Reagan homepage, look in the upper right-hand corner for the "User Options" tab. Click it.
    2. From the dropdown menu, click "Haiku."
    3. You will need to use the "Google" log in option that will be TO THE LEFT of the screen.
    4. You will log in using the following:
    • USERNAME: your computer user name@wsfcsstudents.net NO OTHER EMAIL ADDRESSES WILL WORK!!!
    • PASSWORD: the password you use to log in on school computers
    In case you forgot: Computer User Name
    -First 4 letters of your first name
    -First 4 letters of your last name
    -Last 4 digits of your lunch number
    The textbook for our class is available online! This means you have instant access to reading assignments anytime, anywhere there is Internet access. To access the textbook, complete the following steps:

    1. go to www.pearsonsuccessnet.com

    2. click Log In

    3. enter reagan1516 as the username

    4. enter raiders1516 as the password

    5. click on the appropriate textbook link

    Assignments will fall into one of the following four categories: homework/classwork, quizzes, tests/projects, writing. Each component is worth 25% of the student's grade. 
    IF YOU WILL BE/ARE ABSENT...CHECK THE WEBSITE CALENDAR BEFORE YOU RETURN TO CLASS.  Because of the amount of material that we need to cover, you need to be on top of all assignments even if you aren't here. If you have an assignment that can be completed even though you weren't here (reading and taking notes on a piece in the textbook, for example), that assignment is due when you return to class.  Because that information is made available to you before you return to class, there is no reason to walk in at the beginning of class and ask, "What did I miss?"  A better question would be, "May I have the vocabulary review sheet and study questions you handed out yesterday?"
    IF YOU WILL BE ABSENT FOR MULTIPLE DAYS...please contact Student Services to collect make-up work.  We as teachers want to know how our students are doing and if they miss class for multiple days in a row, we want to be able to help them get caught up as soon as possible.  Waiting until the student returns to school after missing 6 days of class is not a good plan as the amount of work the student much catch up on is significant. In fact, it is frequently not even attempted because of the overwhelming amount.  The more that can possibly be done before the student returns, the better.  Extenuating circumstances do come up, but if the student is capable of doing work, he or she should be doing so.