• Welcome to Introduction to Journalism!

    I am so excited to start our year together in this course! Students in this class will be contributing to The Rooster, our student newspaper, both in photography and writing! This quarter of Intro to Journalism will cover principles of journalistic style, photojournalism, and newswriting. Be ready to document the year as it unfolds!
    IMPORTANT:  A-day and B-day students are expected to get their makeup work on the day they return to school, not the next day that their classes meet.  If you are absent from my class but return to school the next day, please do not wait until the next time you come to Intro to Journalism to get that work.  It is very difficult to keep caught up with assignments if you wait so long, and if you wait an entire weekend, you may forget to ask for the work at all.  Per my policies handed out at the beginning of the year, IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT TO INITIATE THE RETRIEVAL AND TURNING IN OF MAKE-UP WORK.
    The WSFCS system is moving toward Haiku as its learning management system, and I am doing my best to learn it and, in turn, help you learn to use it! Being able to log in is the first task you need to know, so look below for how to log into the Haiku system.


    1. On the Reagan homepage, look in the upper right-hand corner for the "User Options" tab. Click it.
    2. From the dropdown menu, click "Haiku."
    3. You will need to use the "Google" log in option that will be TO THE LEFT of the screen.
    4. You will log in using the following:
    • USERNAME: your computer user name@wsfcsstudents.net NO OTHER EMAIL ADDRESSES WILL WORK!!!
    • PASSWORD: the password you use to log in on school computers
    In case you forgot: Computer User Name
    -First 4 letters of your first name
    -First 4 letters of your last name
    -Last 4 digits of your lunch number