• State of Deception: Nazi Propaganda

    When we study propaganda, we will be talking about the impact that propaganda had not only during the period of the Holocaust, but also the impact that propaganda has in our society today.  There are also links on this page to more sites and information about propaganda before, during, and after the Holocaust.

    Teachers, there are also resources for you to use when teaching the lesson, including the lesson plans and links for the lesson technology.

    Materials for the Lesson

    State of Deception Lesson Plan

    Introduction to Propaganda PowerPoint

    Propaganda Printables for the Lesson

    Standard Low Tech Handout

    Standard High Tech Handout

    Honors Low Tech Handout

    Honors High Tech Handout

    Media Bias Lesson Extension

    Contemporary Propaganda Lesson Extension


    Website Links for the Lesson and Beyond

    USHMM State of Deception Online Exhibit

    Making a Leader clip 1(video of a campaign speech, complete with parades, music, and singing: 1:19 in length)

    Making a Leader clip 2 (video of Hitler speech to SA and SS Troops in 1933; 1:48 in length)

    Rallying the Nation (interactive activity with three different propaganda pieces about the Aryan family)

    Defining the Enemy (video testimony of four survivors who talk about being excluded in German society) External speakers recommended

    Indoctrinating the Youth (video of a German Girls' Youth Rally with Hitler: 1:24 in length)

    Writing the News (Newsreel about the burning of the Reichstag, commentary in English: :53 in length)

    Deceiving the Public staged video 1 (staged video of ghetto life) External speakers recommended

    Deceiving the Public staged video 2 (staged video of Terezin ghetto and camp) Extermal speakers recommended

    USHMM Propaganda Initiative with six lesson plans (including this one)

    German Propaganda Archive

    Other useful links from the State of Deception Website