• Membership FAQ's


    What is PTA?  It is a non-profit 501c3 organization that advocates for the improvement of our children’s lives, particularly in their education.


    Why belong to the PTA? History has shown that a strong PTA is an important component of a healthy school. The Ashley PTA works to help fund and/or provide volunteer support school programs that benefit our student body, staff and families. Do you have an idea to improve our community?  Let us know!


    What does the Ashley PTA do? Lots of things! Among the many:
    ·       Help coordinate volunteer efforts for school activities, such as staffing for the Student Reward Store
    ·       Organize Campus & Garden clean up days to keep our school clean & green!
    ·       Show our support and appreciation for staff by providing treats & food periodically throughout the year
    ·       Fundraise to provide support for special initiatives like the garden and ongoing needs like the Reward Store
    ·       Organize annual t-shirt sales so students and families can show their Ashley pride with Explorer shirts!
    ·       Support the Book Fair, which supplied the library with $1,300 in new media last year


    How can you help?  Simply join the PTA!

    That's all! Joining the PTA isn't committing you to volunteer work or anything else. It's simply showing that you support efforts to enhance our students' environment here at Ashley!  


    Membership dues are paid once a year and are $6 per person or $10 for two adults. Members can be parents, teachers,community members – anyone who wants to be involved in supporting our students at Ashley! Dues cover a variety of costs - going to the state and national offices to help pay for programs and materials they provide, along with a portion staying here at our school.


    Please click on the link below, fill out the form, print and return with your payment to your child's teacher. 

    2013-14 PTA Membership Form


    Questions? Contact Secretary & MembershipChair, LaToya Witherspoon.