• Hello WS/FCS Seniors and Parents,

    As you are well aware, the closure of school buildings, the change in our traditional calendars and learning methods has been something we have all spent weeks working to understand and navigate in very personal, individual ways.  As a district, our leaders have tried to steer through these unchartered waters thinking of the many scenarios our current situation impacts, particularly yours as our seniors and potential graduates.  We hope the following information provides some clarification.

    First, let us say congratulations!  Seniors, you have worked hard.  You should be proud!   Please don’t let these uncommon times take away the natural and well-deserved feeling of pride and joy as you celebrate your accomplishments.  Cherish the outstanding work you’ve completed.  You have many achievements to reflect upon with honor.

    With that said, please read carefully how our Board of Education, Leadership Team, and Instructional Teams have decided to round out the remainder of your school year. 

    Fall Courses: Seniors will receive grades for fall courses as already stored, yearlong and semester. Fall grades will count toward GPA. For year-long courses, the fall term grade will be counted into the GPA. For semester-long courses, the final course grade will be counted into the GPA.

    Yearlong courses: Grades from the first three quarters to determine a passing and failing status toward graduation requirements.

    Spring Courses: Based on their learning and grades prior to March 13, Seniors will be given a Pass (PC19) or Fail (F) for spring courses, or they can opt to Withdraw (WC19) from a course.

    If the senior has a failing grade as of March 13, for graduation requirement courses, schools will provide eLearning opportunities for the student to improve to a passing grade. Opportunities for seniors to pass graduation requirements may include:

    • continue to receive eLearning instruction, support and feedback from the classroom teacher;
    • enroll in NC Virtual Public School for all courses applicable;
    • complete blended Edgenuity specifically targeting instructional topics/units covered through March 13 that have not been mastered.

    Occupational Course of Study (OCS): If an OCS student completes 157 hours of the 225 hours of “paid work hours” graduation requirement, the student will pass. receive a Pass (PC19).

    Graduation Requirement Guidance for Seniors: NCDPI’s goals for the Senior Class of 2020 are to graduate high school seniors by meeting the minimum State Board of Education graduation requirements which is 22 credits on the originally scheduled graduation date.

    Considerations include:

    • Remote learning for graduating seniors will be prioritized to focus on meeting graduation requirements with a particular emphasis on students who were not meeting expectations as of March 13. Teachers and counselors should provide targeted support to each senior who is in danger of not meeting graduation requirements.
    • Seniors who completed and/or were passing their required courses as of March 13, will be notified of their graduation status on April 27.
    • Grading practices for transcript purposes will hold students harmless for the impact of COVID-19.

    Important dates for seniors include:

    • April 11- Students submit all third quarter work for grading
    • April 24 - Grades for 3rd quarter will be posted. (Seniors receive a “pass” or they can submit a “withdrawal” from the course) Students not passing should continue to work with teachers on options to help them pass and meet graduation requirements.
    • April 27- Seniors who meet graduation requirements will be notified and their year will be marked complete. Those involved in AP or IB learning are encouraged to continue in order to prepare for AP Exams or complete IB requirements.
    • May 15 - Early College, Middle College and Dual Enrollment courses end.
    • May 22 - AP and IB students may continue eLearning through AP exams and/or IB until requirements are met.
    • April 27- June 11- Seniors who have still not met graduation requirements, will continue to receive eLearning instruction and feedback from their core teachers. Blended Edgenuity support can be additionally assigned as a Tier 2 Intervention. This will be considered our “eLearning Senior Squeeze”.


    WS/FCS teachers will continue to support learning and provide ongoing feedback to seniors who have not yet met graduation requirements as of April 27. If we are not able to return to school on May 15, the state will provide further guidance on grading.

    In the coming days, seniors can expect to hear from counselors and their individual school leaders with more specific, personalized instructions.  We encourage you to reach out to your counselor and your school with specific questions as we know there are many unique situations. 

    We appreciate the hard work, patience, and understanding as we all work through these ever changing times.


    Letter from Dr. Hairston

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