• What to Expect in the Second Quarter
    We are in the Second Quarter and it is beginning to look a lot like the HOLIDAY SEASON!   Students will be busy this quarter continuing to build skills across all subject areas.  They are also working in teams, partners, and centers almost every day!  
    Reading - Students have been divided into 4 teams and will rotate through reading centers (Monday - Thursday) of each week.  I will meet with groups during our "Book Club" rotation in which each team has been given a book to read and then we have discussions to build comprehension skills as well as work on fluency during our group time.  All the students seem to enjoy their books and like to have their time to "talk" with me about their reading!  I truly enjoy getting to visit and work with each group and look forward to our next time together!
    Math - Students work with partners and teams to play games, practice skills, and problem-solve.  I also have a small group rotation time in which we break out into centers.  This allows me to work with about 4-5 children at a time.  During small group time,  I am able to see how each student is progressing with the skills that are being taught whole group. 
    Writing - Students will be working on spelling, language review, and opinion/persuasive writing this quarter.  We will be working on topics such as "Should stores be open on Thanksgiving Day?" and "Would you Rather...Holiday edition"  
    Social Studies and Science - We will be working on being a responsible citizen and holiday celebrations.  We will also study seeds & plants and start a unit on the Earth, Sun, and Moon. 
    As you can see, we are quite busy!  Please continue to encourage your student to always be prepared and organized for class and to always give their best effort!