• 1st Practice:

    Feb.12th, 2014



    You must have an up-to-date physical before first practice. Physicals are good for one year so if you play another sport your physical should be good. Your Doctor may be able to supply forms or they are available in the main office.



    Grades must be in good standing. You must have at least a 3.0 gpa to be eligible.


    Golf Lessons:

    It is not required but, but encouraged that you use a teaching professional to analyze and prepare your golf swing for the upcoming season. A teaching professional can help you avoid practicing bad habits which take time to correct.  


    This is also not required but, encouraged. Playing tournament golf puts the game into perspective, helps develop the mental side of the game, develops course management skills, and teaches proper etiquette. The AJGA, EGJA, TYGA, and, eGolf tours, are good places to start. Triadgolf.com can give you more information on local tournaments.



    Out of shape golfers usually develop bad swing habits in an effort to generate more distance. Strength is essential to power the golf ball. Therefore, walking the course is a good way to help strengthen your legs. Also, eating right and exercising helps maintain the focus, energy, and stamina needed to play your best golf. Don’t wait until the first day of practice, Start training today!