• Career Technical Education Client Services
    Many of our Career Technical Education classes offer services to Career Center faculty, students and family members at prices that cover costs without labor.  This allows our students to gain real world practice with clients under the guidance of their expert instructors.  The list below includes services along with prices that are set.  Prices not listed require quotes for those services.  Contact the instructors to make appointments or request quotes.  Faculty, students and family members may take advantage of receiving quality services at greatly reduced prices from our students.
    Auto Collision- Josh Hall, John Morrison
    car wash
    car detailing
    car reconditioning
    collision repair
    metal work and fabrication
    Auto Tech- Scott Binkley, Michael Gaffner, Travis Stewart, Chuck Wooten
    oil change up to 5 quarts regular oil   $35.00
    tire repair
    brake jobs
    tune ups
    Construction- priced on request; built as can be scheduled; delivery not included; John Christian
    utility buildings
    dog and cat houses
    overlook chairs
    Cosmetology- Yolanda Shepherd-Reid, Jill Ogburn, Brian Peterson, & Misti Lee Efird
    Shampoo and set:   shampoo and sets   $8.00
                                  senior sets   $4.00
                                  press and curls   $16.00
                                  blow dry and curls   $8.00
                                  senior blow dry and curls   $4.00
    Relaxers:   virgin (style included)   $45.00
                      retouch (style included)   $35.00
                      partial (extra with style)   $10.00
    Permanent wave:   permanent wave   $65.00
                                  senior permanent wave   $35.00
    Color:   temporary (extra with service)   $6.00
                semi (extra with service)   $10.00
                permanent (extra with service   $15.00
                streaks, frosting, bleaching (extra with service)   $20.00
    Braids: Corn rows (straight back and NO added hair)   $15.00
    Designer styles (NO added hair)   $25.00
    Hair added to any style is EXTRA   $20.00
    Cuts:   designer   $8.00
               seniors   $5.00
               trims   $4.00
    Manicure and Pedicure:   manicure   $6.00
                                            pedicure   $9.00
    Eyebrow Waxing   $6.00  
    Treatments:   protein, hot oil   $6.00
                         scalp treatment   $8.00
Last Modified on August 25, 2016