Greek Week December 15th-17th
    Table of Contents:
    1. Map
    2. Farming in Ancient Greece
    3. Rise of Democracy
    4. Bumper Stickers
    5. Athens vs. Sparta
    6. N/A
    7. God/Goddess Book
    8. Greek Cultural Book

    A Night at the Museum: Greek Style
    Tuesday: Greek Dance and Lunch (sponsored by Olympic Resturant in Kernersville, NC)
    Greek Food
    Wednesday: Greek Olympic Games
    Athens vs. Sparta
    Cornith vs. Argos
    Megros vs. Troy
    December 9th, 2014 Assignment:
    1.) Read the following handout (1st/3rd) or handout (2nd/4th). Answer the following questions on page two on your folder additionally answer one of the questions below based on your class period(1st/3rd- answer A and 2nd/4th answer answer B) :
    a) Alexander was relatively young to be a leader of such huge power and influence. Could a leader his age succeed today? Would people take him seriously? Explain why or why not. Can you name a young leader in the military or in other areas?
    b) The number of leaders in world history who have been called "the Great" is very small. What unique qualities in Alexander's personality and heritage may have contributed to his "greatness" and popularity? Do you have a similar or different definition of "greatness" for today's leaders?  
    2.) 1st and 3rd periods: Create a Time Magazine Cover for Alexander the Great. Was he a villian or an hero?  Include a picture (portrait or symbols), 4 captions about his life, the Time Magazine logo, and a date. See below for examples.
    2nd and 4th periods:
    Click HERE and complete the following activity on the back of your folder. (Gravestone)
    December 10th, 2014:
    Greek God and Goddess Booklet (Gallery Walk)
    Greek God
    Use the link to get information for the project (SAMPLE):
    Museum Exhibits Project
    Wednesday, December 10th Assignment:
    Touring Ancient Greece during the Golden Age 
    The Rise of Democracy in Greece- Powerpoint