•  The Eagle's Express Media Center is open 8:15 to 4:15 Monday through Friday.
    •  Occasionally the media center may be closed for meetings and testing.
    •  Students may come to the media center before or after school without a pass.
    •  During class hours, students need a pass from their teacher to be in the library.
    •  All students should sign in on the computer at the entrance.


     Checking out materials
    • Book check outs are available for a two week loan period.  Books may be renewed after this.
    • Other materials available for checkout include head phones and Chromebooks.  These materials are single-day check outs.
    • Please do not check out books or equipment for other students. You are responsible for all materials loaned under your student ID.


    ­­­­­­ Overdue Materials
    • We do not charge late fees for materials.
    • Students are responsible for the replacement costs of lost or damaged materials.
    • Students may be given check out limitations if books are overdue by 30 days or if excessive fees are owed for items that are lost or damaged.
    Printing     Black and white print outs are available.
    • PowerPoint presentations should be printed in a 6 slide horizontal layout.   

     Food and Drinks

    • A beverage in a closed container is allowed in the media center.
    • Please do not bring open drinks into the media center.
    • Please do not bring food into the media center.

    Cellphones and Earbuds/Earphones

    • Students are able to connect to public access on Smartphones, iPhones or other devices. Use WSFCS Public Access and login using your student computer log in.
    • Earbuds/earphones may be used in the media center provided the volume level is not a distraction to other students or staff.

     Student Conduct

    • Students are expected to exhibit behavior as outlined in the East Forsyth High School Student Handbook.
    • Please help keep the Media Center and Makerspace clean and in good order for the benefit of yourself, fellow students and staff.


Last Modified on February 20, 2024