• Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools
    Department of Technology
    Connecting To The Public Wireless Network
    As part of our BYOD Program students and staff who bring their own devices can use the WSFCS Public Network in order to access the Internet. The following are general instructions. Screens and steps may differ depending on the device.
    1) Search for the available networks.
    • This will vary by device. Look for the wireless icon on your device.
    • Depending on your device you may need to go to the Control Panel or Settings to find the wireless settings.
    2) Look for and select the network named "WSFCS_Public."
     wireless win7  wireless win8  wireless iphone
    3) You will be connected to the WSFCS_Public network and free to use Internet resources. 
    Wireless Notes:
    • These directions are generic in nature. Please refer to your device's user manual for more information on connecting to a wireless network.  
    • By logging into to the WSFCS_Public network you agree to the terms and conditions set forth and agree to adhere to the WSFCS Responsible Use Agreement.