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    WELCOME students, parents, & visitors to the

    PMHS Student Services Center! 


    School Counselors assist students in making the most of their high school experience with a focus on academic achievement and planning for the future. Each student works with a School Counselor (assigned by grade level) through high school who will promote and support academic success, career planning, and personal/social growth.

    School Counselors serve students and schools in many ways, including serving as a liaison for families. If a student or parent/guardian would like to schedule a meeting with your assigned School Counselor, please request an appointment by clicking this link: https://bit.ly/PMHSSIGNIN. Your School Counselor will follow up with you as soon as possible to confirm a date and time. 

    We look forward to helping every student achieve success and plan for a great future! 


    "We are no longer 'Guidance Counselors' only focused on graduation and course selection for students. We are 'Professional School Counselors' who focus on the academic, personal/social and career development of ALL students."

    -Mindy Willard


  • Principal and Assistant Principals

    Mrs. Noel Keener, Principal

    Mrs. Lisa Bohrer, Instructional Assistant Principal 

    Mr. Bernard Mack, Assistant Principal (12th Grade)  

     Mr.  Antonio Threadgill , Assistant Principal (11th Grade)

    Ms. Shywanda Surgeon (10th Grade)

    Mrs. Tammy Johnson, Assistant Principal (9th Grade)



Last Modified on September 18, 2023