• Why Parents Choose Atkins?  
    Below are reasons parents give for choosing Atkins:
    Our oldest son attends Atkins.  We have been very pleased with the school.
    Our son lives and breathes music.  Honestly, he chose Atkins because Atkins has the best marching band in the district.  Once he got there, he realized through Digital Design and Animation classes, that he could combine his passion for music with computer design.  We think he has now found his direction for college and for his future career!  Thank you, Atkins.
    Our daughter has always had an interest in science.  We feel like her attending Atkins would greatly accelerate her knowledge and get her ready for a career in forensic science, which she has wanted to do since she was little.
    We know that Atkins is officially a STEM school, but we are so pleased with the music program there.  It gives our daughter the opportunity to pursue her passion for engineering, but she also can compete in Show Choir and A Cappella, two extracurriculars that are very important to her.
    Our daughter is very interested in attending Atkins because of her interest in math and science.  She is very interested in pursuing medical school in the future.
    We had never seriously considered Atkins until we attended the WSFCS Band Jamboree with our son and his 8th grade band.  When he saw the Atkins band perform, he wanted to know more.  We came to an information night and toured the school.  This was a wonderful decision.  We are now happy to be a part of the Nerd Herd.
    We want our daughter to attend this school because it is similar to her middle school and will allow her to continue TSA.  It will also allow her to get into a biotechnology course which I know she will enjoy.
    My daughter's present career choice is Microbiology/Music.  I believe being at your school will give her an opportunity to focus on the sciences as well give her other important factors that surround being successful in her career of choice.  When we came in for a brief overview of the school I was very impressed with the academic report card.  I have also heard excellent things about the school.  I was impressed with your focus being on the students' well-roundedness as a whole.  I'm very active in my child's education, and I believe in your program.
    I feel that this school will help my daughter achieve her highest goals, being taught by professionally trained teachers using the STEM program! 
    We received recommendations from a couple of parents with students currently at Atkins. We then investigated for ourselves, attended the Open House night, and took a tour of the school.  It reaffirmed what we had been told, and our only question is why isn't everyone choosing Atkins.  The resources Atkins has to offer are wonderful, the focus on college readiness is apparent, and the fact that Atkins students truly want to be there is comforting.  While test scores are just test scores, they are also an indicator that Atkins students are there to learn and do take their education seriously, which is true of our son.  It is for these reasons, plus the fact that we get a "good" feeling when visiting Atkins that made us decide this is the school for our son.  
    Our son is academically oriented, and we as his parents feel that Atkins would be a good fit for him for high school.  He has always been very interested in learning, and we feel that Atkins is more in line with the type of high school that would be appropriate for him.
    The quality of education and the opportunities of scientific visualization interest both our daughter and ourselves.  Being engineers as parents, the school framework and activities appeal to us.
    Our son loves the STEM program and TSA.  He wants to continue these at Atkins.  He is interested in engineering and video game design.
    It has been a great educational experience for his sister, and we want the same opportunity for him.
    We want our daughter to get an excellent academic preparation for a future undergraduate major in technology or one of the sciences.
    The academics that Atkins provides are outstanding!  They would fit the needs of my child's education very well. 
    Our daughter loves science, and she loves to be challenged by the best!
    Our daughter is a very analytical child and is eager to continue to learn.  She currently finds herself "bored" in her current situation.  She was able to attend the open house and was amazed at the curriculum and the facility.  Atkins will provide her with greater opportunity to accomplish all of her future goals. 
    Our son really enjoys science and math.  He attended the Sci-Tech summer classes and realized he wanted to go to a school that would give him the opportunity to expand his knowledge is these areas.
    My daughter is very intelligent and talented.  I want her to be challenged to her full potential.
    We would like our daughter to attend this school because she wishes to be a biomedical engineer.  We feel this school will give her the best education.  She has a passion for learning and enjoys challenges.
    I want our son to enjoy high school.  He wants to design video games for a career.  I believe he would be a great student there.
    Our daughter is highly intelligent and responds best to a challenging academic environment.  She excels in science and math and is interested in pursuing a career in a scientific field.
    Our son has a great love for all things technology oriented, and he wants to get into the world of game design and programming.
    Our son has shown a keen interest in Aerospace Engineering for many years, and we believe Atkins will provide an excellent foundation in engineering education geared towards his interest. 
    Atkins provides a supportive learning environment and has a very good reputation.
    Our son excels in math and science.  He is highly motivated and does his best in a challenging academic environment.  He is interested in engineering and scientific visualization.  He is on the robotics team at his school.
    I would like for my son to attend Atkins because I would like to see him get exposure to some great career options.  I don't want him limiting himself or doing something because his friends are going in certain directions. He can benefit from being in an environment that challenges him to work to his full potential.
    I believe our son would thrive in the Atkins environment.  The smaller school size and the emphasis on technology would engage him where his interests are strongest.  I admire the commitment of the staff to help students reach their potential.
    Our son is interested in Game Design and Computer Graphics for college.  We have determined that he excels in smaller, more academically based school settings.
    Our son is very interested in engineering, and he is very interested in the classes being offered at Atkins.  He is strong in math and science, and we, his parents, feel that Atkins will be a great fit for him.  We love what is offered at Atkins and the opportunity for him to pursue his interest in engineering.
    Our son says he wants to attend this school because he wants to learn higher levels of math and engineering sciences to become an aerospace engineer.
    We want our son to attend Atkins because Atkins has excellent academic performance and a higher graduation rate compared with other schools in the district.  It is also a magnet school  We believe our son will be challenged by the educational standard provided at Atkins High School. 
    I would like my son to be college and career ready.  I believe Atkins will provide a strong academic foundation for live after high school. 
    Our son is very interested in game design and engineering.  After going on a school tour, he is very excited about the opportunities at Atkins.  We want him to have opportunities to learn and see if this is an area that he wants to pursue as a career.  We were very impressed with the staff that we met and felt this would be a great fit for  Daniel. 
    As parents, we feel as though the academic and extra-curricular structure of Atkins would be very conducive to our son's growth and development as he maneuvers through the high school ranks.