• I Came, I Saw, I Conquered!
    So, what happened to the Roman Empire?

    Have you ever eaten a Caesar salad and wonder how it got its name? 
    What ever happened to veni, vidi, vinci?
    Table of Contents:
    Front Cover: Roman Republic
    Back Cover: Early Influences
    Inside: Map of Ancient Rome
    1. Roman Republic Notes
    2. Expansion Stations
    3. Fall of Rome
    Monday/Tuesday January 5th-6th:
    A) Read the Geography of Rome handout and copy and complete the chart on your folder.
    B) Next you will create a freehand map of Italy on your folder. You must label and color correctly. Please take your time and use the following documents to assist you:

    Map of Italy
    Wednesday, Jan. 7th: Fact or Fiction: The Story of the founding of Rome
    Roman Culture: Early Influences (reading, pictures)
    The Fall of the Roman Empire PPT
    Christianity Poster Requirements (Reading)