Table of Contents for YOUR Rome folder:

    Page 1- Geography Sheet and map (1st & 2nd maps are drawn on the front)
    Page 2- Roman Influence Chart
    Page 3- Rise of Roman Republic Graphic Organizer
    Page 4- Notes of Roman Expansion
    Page 5- Map of Expansion
    Page 6- Julius Caesar Homework Worksheet
    Page 7- Judaism VS. Christianity graphic organizer
    Page 8-  Rise & Spread of Christianity graphic organizer
    Page 9- Cold Case Julius Caesar Sheet
    Page 10- Decline & Fall or Rome graphic organizer 
    Ancient Rome Mapping Activity Link:
    Geography of Italy reading-Geography Reading Passage   Reference Map:
    1st Period-Map Requirements on last slide of this powerpoint: Mapping
    Influences on Roman Culture:
    Here is the reading passage to do your chart. Click on the link below: 
    Roman Empire Activity Stations-
    Here are the directions and requirements for your booklet-Roman Empire Booklet Requirements
    If you need information for a station, please see me.  My flashdrive is not being read by the copy machine and cannot scan all of the stations.  You had twenty minutes to complete each station and took 2 days to do this in class.  If you were absent, you may coordinate a day to stay after with me to complete your booklet..
    Station 1- Punic Wars- Read about the Punic Wars and use this to show the expansion on your map.  Make sure you have a key showing all 4 expansions.
    Station 2- Roman Technology- Get this reading from me.
    Station 3-Roman Trade Network- Get this reading from me.
    Station 4- Julius Caesar- On the 3rd page of this link is the reading and questions to complete.
    Station 5- Read about Christianity on page 2.  In your booklet, explain the main beliefs, the leader, 2 sacraments, the holy book, and draw 2 universal symbols of this religion.