• English IV Honors


    Senior English will encompass study in European Literature, writing (journals, critiques, literary analysis, personal essays, and a research project), outside reading of novels and biographies, and vocabulary. 


    To succeed in this class you will need to apply themselves, read extensively, write often and well, revise their written work, do work outside of class, and stay alert and engaged in class.

    For more class information please look at the English IV Newsletter. You will receive a copy of the Newsletter on the first day of the class.  
    Important Websites:
    You will use Schoology to take online quizzes, get notes, complete class assignments, and as an extra way to contact the teacher.  There is also a free Schoology app for smart phones and tablets. 
     (Parent codes will be generated once students have created their accounts. Parent codes will be provided upon request and can be used to monitor student progress in class. However, please be aware that the grade average displayed on Schoology will only reflect assignments generated through the website and will not be the students' true grade average.)
    All Prezis used in class can be found here and on edmodo.  
    Important Dates can be found on the Schoology class page! Parents please contact Mrs. Hill for a parent code specific to your student.