• How do I help my gifted child at home?

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    ·      Spend time with your child. Listen to their ideas.

    ·        Read with your child. Whatever their abilities, reading with your child provides an opportunity to share ideas.

    ·        Encourage learning outside of the classroom. Go to museums, the library, take nature walks, etc.

    ·        Praise the effort, not the ability. The term gifted becomes a liability if the child always strives for perfection. Praising effort sends the message that it’s okay to make mistakes and that effort gets more results than intelligence.

    ·        Help your child with organizational skills without enabling them to be unorganized. Do not pack your child’s book bag, planners, etc. Instead sit with your child and teach them how to organize their materials. This will be a lifelong skill.

    ·        Set realistic expectations. Giftedness does not always equal maturity.

    ·        Create a balance in your child’s life. Provide opportunities for your child to develop creative or other “non-school” skills and interests.

    ·        Allow for “unscheduled” time.

    ·        Know what’s happening in your child’s class. Ask questions and communicate with your child’s teacher.

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