• Electives for Freshmen
    STEM Electives
    Each freshman is expected to take one STEM elective each year from their Major.  Please visit the
    Guidelines for Registering New Students for Atkins STEM Electives to view the course requirements and prerequisites/co-requisites for the beginning course in each major. 
    Foreign Language Electives
    Latin 1 and 2
    Spanish 1 and 2
    French 1 and 2
    Fine Arts Electives
    Art (intermediate level and above only)
    Art for Engineers
    Band (has honors option)
    Chorus (has honors option)
    Orchestra (has honors option)
    Dance (.5 credit - can be substituted for PE .5 credit)
    Theater Arts
    English Electives
    Newspaper Honors
    Yearbook Honors
    Creative Writing (.5 credit) paired with Intro. to Composition (.5 credit)
    Other Freshman Electives