• We are 21st Century Learners!
    Technology is an integral part of our everyday learning.  We are fortunate to have computers and laptops that we use everyday.  Below are some of the cites that we use to differentiate learning and to engage students. I am providing the links so that you may access them more easily.  Please let me know if you need assistance.
    edmodo-  edmodo looks like a Facebook for kids but it is so much more.  It is an area for students to communicate with me and each other.  I can upload assignments, videos, tutorials, homework and classwork to individual students or entire classes at a time.  Students take their vocabulary tests on the cite and it provides instant feedback.  I can let students know if they are missing assignments and they can let me know if they are needing help with something.  It is allowing us to be more eco-friendly by cutting back on the amount of copies that are made and it allows students to have their assignments at all times without needing a hard copy.  The cite is password protected and each individual student has their personal username and password.  It is changing the way we learn and exposing them to the technology they will need in the future.    https://www.edmodo.com/
    Spelling City-  Spelling City is a wonderful resource where I upload student spelling every two weeks.  There are 8 different spelling groups within my 3 classes.  Spelling City allows them to practice, play games and even take the tests on the cite.  It makes learning their spelling words fun.  Students can utilize this resource in class and at home.  http://www.spellingcity.com/hmservello/
    RAZ Kids-  RAZ Kids is a reading comprehension cite.  Every student begins at a different level, depending on where they are in reading.  I have assigned the levels for the students to begin.  Students read passages/ books and then answer questions.  They can earn points from their reading to build an online spaceship.  They can design their spaceship inside and use the points to buy furniture and supplies they need.  This cite is username and password protected.  Students have this information and utilize this cite several times a week.   http://www.raz-kids.com/main/Login
    MobyMax-  MobyMax is another great cite.  Students can utilize this resource for reading, language arts and other subjects.  We use it to practice reading comprehension skills and strategies.  Students began using the cite by completing a pretest that was then used to place each student at their own appropriate reading level.  Students can play games and earn badges as they work their way through the program.  This is also a password protected cite.  Students use the same password that they use for edmodo.  http://www.mobymax.com/
    Our classroom utilizes technology daily.  We use the Prometheam Board and Activexpressions for interactive learning and skyping We also have laptops where the children not only access the resources mentioned above but they also use them to create powerepoints and prezis, research, participate in Webquests and learn about the world around them.  Learning has a new look!