• It's My Call/It's Our Call: Lead By Example 

  • Student Random Drug Screening Program 
    • "It's My Call" is an opportunity for students to self-evaluate and make a personal commitment to be drug-free in their Middle School and High School careers.
    • "It's Our Call" allows High School students participating in extra-curricular activities to demonstrate responsibility through their personal choices.


    Both "It's My Call" and "It's Our Call" are more than just drug-testing programs, they are important steps towards creating a caring, achieving and safe school culture. Our IMC/IOC program is a nationally recognized, exemplary random student drug-testing program based upon RESPECT for all student participants and their families.
    "It's My Call" is open to all middle and high school students.
    High school students participating in extra-curricular activities are required to enroll in "It's Our Call".
    Once enrolled in either IMC or IOC, students are enrolled for their entire Middle School or High School career.
    WS/FC Schools has contracted Insight Human Services for all IMC/IOC drug testing and treatment services.
    Students enrolled in IMC/IOC at their school are randomly selected by Insight Human Services to be drug tested.
    All random testing is done at the school, and the test results are confirmed by a certified laboratory.
    The SADFS office is not involved in the selection, testing or treatment of any IMC/IOC students; it is a private and confidential process.
    To access It's My Call/It's Our Call Brochures click the link below:
    Instructions for Student Services Portal
    -Sign in using your WSFCS credentials.
    -On the menu to the left click Files And Documents 
    -Scroll down and click Safe and Drug-Free Schools