• Frequently Asked Questions and Answers For Teachers and Staff

    Do I, as the teacher, have a choice when the students can use their technology devices?

    Answer: We encourage teachers to leverage devices (student-owned or school-owned) whenever possible to achieve specific learning objectives, but it is not required. The design of the lesson should take into account devices as a resource and used when appropriate.


    How do I handle a student who does not bring a device to class?

    Answer: If possible, the school may provide a device for a student to use. However, lessons should be designed to be flexible enough that it would not be required for each student to have their own device. Alternate lessons may be necessary in these cases.


    Some of the students cannot access the wireless network on their devices.  I do not have time during the class period to help them with this.  Who do I contact to get them help for this?

    Answer: At this time, students are to consult their user manuals for their devices on their own time.  Resources have not been allocated to troubleshoot issues for personal learning devices at this time.  You are welcome to help, if you have time, and are able to do so, but it is not the staff member’s responsibility to troubleshoot these issues.


    I have students and/or staff on my campus who are accessing the Internet using their provider’s data plan (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc.) on their personal device, hence bypassing the Internet filter. Is this allowed?

    Answer: At no time should a student and/or staff member use their personal data plan to access the Internet while on campus. All Internet traffic must happen on the WSFCS_Public network while on campus. Cellular data plans, including personal hotspots are not permitted to be used at any time. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires all network accesses to be filtered, regardless of the device you use to access it while at a public school. The WSFCS_Public network you use to access the Internet is a district resource and therefore will be filtered. Students and staff are expected to follow the Responsible Use Agreement and MLC Agreement when accessing the Internet through any device. 


    I have my own laptop or smart phone. I would like to utilize these tools in my school. Does this new plan include campus staff?

    Answer: Yes. School and District Staff can also access the WSFCS_Public network provided the appropriate agreement forms have been completed. Network printers and drives will not be accessible with your device.


    One of my students was using his personal computing device to bully another student in class. Who should I contact about this issue?

    Answer:  All disciplinary infractions related to the personal computing devices should be referred to the administrator at your school.  This is a student code of conduct infraction and will be dealt with in this manner.


    Will students have access to any district owned software via their personal device?

    Answer: No. WS/FCS will not install any district owned software on a personal device. Teachers should utilize web-based resources as much as possible in the classroom. The resources will be available and accessible to students, unless limited by the personal device (i.e. iPads and iPod Touch devices cannot run the software necessary to run Flash.)


    If students are unable to bring personal computing devices to school, what recourse do I have when I want to use technology in the classroom?

    Answer: It is the teachers’ responsibility to make sure that each student is able to equally access the curriculum during any particular lesson. Schools may make alternative technologies available to students but it is not a requirement.