• Early College of Forsyth's Youth & Government
     Students traveled to Raleigh to make an Impact on the YMCA Youth & Government

    Congratulations to ECF YAG Delegates!


     Conference 2015
    Congrats is awarded to
    Model Lobbyist: Valerie DiGloria
    Erica Wolfe Award (Best 1st timer):  Rebekka Given
    Bills presented to the Governor:
    2016 Presiding Officer: Victor Brown
    2016 Chief Lobbyist:  Chris Hinton
    2016 Chief of Staff:  Dylan Tally 
    Conference 2014

    Early College was the only delegation to win a group award!  The Directors' Award was for Outstanding Performance! As a group we strive to be knowledgeable, well-versed, and ready for the Conference.  We were represented in the Legislature, Judicial, Media, Lobbyist, and Budget Analyst.


    Annie was recognized for coming to YAG with an idea to write about, and was the first to have a 2-page spread in the YAG Newspaper “Point of Information”!!


    House of Representative Best Debater:  Dylan Tally


    Mock Trial All-Star Competition Winner:  Shadia Garrison

    2015 YAG Chaplin:  Chris Hinton

    Bills to be presented to the Governor:

    Maria Cruzat, Stephanie Martin, Kenerria Jones (House Bill 87)

    Thomas Leonard, Sammi Naber (House Bill 41)

    Victor Brown (House Bill 26)

    Ciera Bertine(Senate Bill 44)

    Julia Fowler (Freshmen Forum Bill 32)

    Big CONGRATS to Thomas/Sammi, and Ciera for having their bills passed by the Governor!

    Conference 2013
    Congrats is awarded to
    Erica Wolfe Award (Best 1st timer):  Dylan Tally