Ms. Porter’s

    P.A.W.S  LAWS



    ·       Use encouraging words

    ·       Be supportive and kind

    ·       Be helpful

    ·       Allow others to learn

    ·      Use good manners

    ·     Treat others the way you want to be treated



    ·       Accept responsibility for your actions

    ·       Know and follow the rules

    ·       Know and follow the procedures

    ·      Make sure to get all communication to and from school


    Work Hard

    ·       Do your best in all subject areas

    ·       Ask for help when you need it

    ·       Do all work/projects required of you

    ·      Study



    ·       Follow all safety rules

    ·       Keep Griffith clean and safe

    ·       Keep from harming self and others

    ·       Stay calm and follow directions in case of an emergency

    ·       Always ask a teacher or an adult for permission to go anywhere in or outside the school


    Our Classroom Discipline Plan

    Parents, as you know we have fully implemented our PBIS system. This has brought upon many positive changes to be sure that the expectations for all students are clear.  Enclosed is a list of the expectations that are aligned with our P.A.W.S. core values. We have done lots of practicing and modeling to help your child understand these core values. Please review this plan with your child. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.


    1.     A happy teacher

    2.    A healthy learning environment

    3.    Verbal praise

    4.    Personal Paws

    5.    Stickers and "happy notes"

    6.    No Homework Pass or "Sit With a Friend"

    7.    Pass Invitation to Special Luncheon with Teacher

    8.    Go to the Treasure Box

    9.    Free Time


    CONSEQUENCES: (Each child starts the day on Green for Great Day!)

    1. Move to Yellow – Verbal Reminder and a check on the discipline form  
    2. Move to Red – Silent Lunch
    3. Move to Blue – Parent Contact/E and E form
    4. Move to Orange – Third Check/Discipline Referral sheet to be sent home

    *Severe disruptive behavior will result in an immediate phone call to parent and an office referral to the principal or assistant principal.

    E and E form: Students write down what they were doing (explanation), what they should have been doing (expectation) and what they will do to ensure that it is prevented next time.

    Check your child's agenda each night for a behavior update. If your child is on green we consider that a good, yellow is an acceptable day, however, there are areas in which they may need to review the rules. If your child is on blue or red, please remind him or her to follow the rules. Disruptive behavior affects everyone's right to learn. Thank you for your support at home in this area!