• Super Kids
    Super Kids is a tailor-made, flexible, interdependent prevention package delivered by police officers whom children already trust, respect and admire as role models. These officers who previously delivered Officer Friendly and DARE have now been trained locally to use local research and curricula to deliver a more focused approach to meet children's needs in our community. 
    In Winston-Salem, the DARE program focused on 5th grade while the Officer Friendly Program focused on Kindergarten. The SUPER KIDS program combines those strategies and provides more comprehensive prevention strategies for all ages, targeting kindergarten and 5th grades. Students are taught how to recognize inappropriate behaviors, resist peer pressure, make positive decisions, take responsibility for their actions, care for others and be emotionally and physically healthy from a breadth approach.
    All lessons are age appropriate, grade sequential, and attempt to target and prevent future adolescent problem behaviors. SUPER KIDS was successfully piloted at two elementary schools in Winston-Salem in February 1998. Evaluations from staff at both schools were overwhelmingly in preference of having SUPER KIDS in their school in place of the combination of DARE and Officer Friendly. SUPER KIDS was implemented at all Winston-Salem/Forsyth County elementary schools during the 1998-99.
Last Modified on February 17, 2014