•  Our school theme is Communications with Distance Learning.  We use h.323 videoconferencing technology in 2nd grade to connect to other classrooms, NC Wildlife Resources, the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics,NC Museum of Natural Sciences, Sea Trek, and  NASA.
    October 8 - Fish Adaptations - NC Wildlife 
    Kiser FishAdaptations
    Kiser Fish Adaptations2  
     Kiser Fish Adaptation3 Kisesr Fish Adaptations4  
    Kiser Fish Adaptations5
     Kiser Fish Adaptations6
     Kiser Fish Adaptations7  Kiser Fish Adaptations9
    November 4 - Slithering Snakes - NC Wildlife Resources
    Kiser Snakes1  Kiser Snakes4  
    Kiser Snakes6   Kiser Snakes 7
     November 20 - Butterfly Basics - NC Museum of Natural Sciences
    Kiser Butterflies1  Kiser Butterflies2  
    Kiser Butterflies3  Kiser Butterflies4  
    February 3 - Our Planet Earth - NASA Kennedy
    Our Planet Earth  Rachel from NASA Kennedy  
     Satellite view of Rural Hall School  Satellite view of NASA Kennedy
    Students  Earth Temperatures  
     another view of earth temps satellites orbiting Earth