• Cell Biology Page - Chapter 7 in the Glencoe Biology: Dynamics of Life Textbook.
    Cell Biology specifically addresses information the Cell as the Basic Unit of Life.  The different basic topics include Discovery of Cells and Types of Cells (Chapter 7.1), the Plasma Membrane as a way to define the boundaries of Cells and regulate how Cells get what they Need (Chapter 7.2), and the different parts of the Eukaryotic Cell (Chapter 7.3).
    Rotifer Image from Thaipress.worldpress.com
    This photograph is of the unicellular rotifer Floscularia ringens, showing the well developed rings of cilia that are used to collect food. These unicellular "animals" were first described by Anton von Leeuwenhoek, who first discovered microorganisms during the 1690's.  It is also forming "bricks" of material that are used to form protective tubes around the cell.  This image won first prize in the Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition. 
    The different portions of the Eukaryotic Cell are covered in Chapter 7.3 and in my Powerpoint linked at the end of the paragraph.  Please know the basic descriptors for these organelles for now, understanding that we will cover more precise and thorough information on them throughout the course.  Powerpoint for Eukaryotic Organelles.