• Membrane Transport for the Cell
    Paramecium from The Cell: an Image Library
    This photo from The Cell: and Image Library shows a Paramecium Cell with three Contractile Vacuoles
    As all of my students know, these organelles are used to maintain balance with Osmosis for animal-like cells in freshwater.  The vacuole on the right has recently pushed water out of the cell and the one on the center is filling with excess water from the cell.
    The Powerpoint for Membrane Transport is located here - Membrane Transport Powerpoint
    Membrane Transport is covered in Chapter 8.1 and documents the processes that cells use to maintain Homeostasis.  Using the terminology we use in class, these are the ways that cells gather and maintain the Cytoplasm = The Right Stuff.  Determining the movement of appropriate materials into and out of the cell is essential for the cell to do whatever it specifically requires AND maintain balance with the outside.  The Powerpoint has animations that hopefully with key you into what is happening with the Cell.  Please See them and give me feedback into whether they were helpful and how I could make them better.
    Mitosis and Asexual Cell Division
     The Video above is from cellimagelibrary.org. 
     It shows mitosis of cells from the african clawed frog during development.  If you watch carefully, you can easily note all phases of the Cell Cycle and the fluidity of the process.  This is a time-lapsed video with images taken at 15 second intervals.
    Mitosis is the process of Asexual Reproduction in some unicellular organisms and Growth and Cell Replacement in multicellular organisms.  This important process is precisely controlled to maintain the organism, but is also associated with development of Cancer when the cells lose control.  The Powerpoint for Cell Division is located here - Cell Reproduction
    The Coloring Mitosis worksheet has an explanatory Powerpoint located here - Mitosis cartoon