Most of you have heard of the new Common Core Standards that have been adopted by many states including North Carolina.  On this page I would like to clarify some of the contents of these standards.
    • Common Core Standards are the basic information and concepts that students in each grade level should know about science.  These concepts can be extended and enhanced.
    • With the Common Core there is a continuum of concepts from one grade level to the next.  Each grade level will study Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences and Forces and Motion.
    • Each of these areas will build on the knowledge learned the previous year and thus students will develop a better understanding from year to year. A list of each standard by grade level can be found at http://www.dpi.state.nc.us/curriculum/science/scos/
    • These new standards encourage students to think scientifically and use the scientific method as a problem solving tool.
    • Students have the opportunity to explore varying science concepts and to find their own niche in the science world.  Hopefully they will develop a life long love of science.