• 7th  Grade
    1D—Students will identify and requests foods for a variety of meals.
    1E—Students will describe their activities throughout the year and how frequently they do them.
    1F—Students will plan activities, invite family and friends, respond to invitations, and share event information.
    Sept.-Oct./Reviewing Chapters 1A-2A  ( you can review this by clicking on the 6th grade link)
    1A "Que te gusta hacer?" 
    1 B "Y tu como eres?"
    2 A  "Tu dia en la escuela" 
    2 B "Tu sala de clases"
    Vocabulary: classroom items & furniture; parts of the classroom,prepositions of location
    Prepositions of location
    a la derecha de to the right of
    a la izquierda de to the left of
    al lado de along side of
    cerca de near
    debajo de underneath, below
    detrás de behind
    en in, on
    encima de on top of
    enfrente de in front of
    en medio de
    in the middle of
    entre between
    lejos de far from
     Grammar: The verb estar, plurals of nouns and articles    
    3 A "Desayuno o almuerzo?"
    Vocabulary: foods, beverages, adverbs of frequency; expressions to show surprise
    Grammar: present tense of er & ir verbs; me gusta(n), me encanta (n)
    3 B "Para mantener la salud"
    Vocabulary: food, beverages, expressions to discuss health;  preferences, agreement, disagreement & quantity; adjectives to describe food. Grammar: the plural of adjectives; the verb ser click on the link below to practice verb to be SER
    4A Adonde vas?
    4 B "Quieres ir conmigo? Vocabulary:  talk about activities outside of school, extend, accept and decline invitatons, tell when an event happens
    Grammar: Verb Jugar, ir+a+infinitive Play the video to learn about IR +A+INFINITIVE 420?="">="
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