• 6th Grade
    1A—Students will use culturally and regionally appropriate greetings, farewells, and introductions, and expressions of courtesy.
    1B—Students will express their likes, dislikes, and preferences for things and activities
    1C—Students will share information about school schedules and activities /                
     Para Empezar ( to start) greetings
    1A Que te gusta hacer?
    Vocabulary: activities & expression for saying what you like and don't like to do.
    Grammar: infinitives, making negative statements.
    1 B "Y tu como eres?"
    Vocabulary: talk about personality traits, ask and tell what people are like , use adjectives to describe people, understand cultural perspective on friendship
    Grammar: adjectives, definite & indefinite articles; word order
    /<="">  Play the video ro learn about WORD ORDER in Spanish
    2 A "Tu dia en la escuela" 
    Vocabulary: talk about school schedule and subjects, classroom items & furniture; parts of the classroom
    Grammar: subject pronouns; the present tense of ar verbs
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