Academic Expectations- Students are given numerous opportunities to learn.  They have a daily participation and homework grade for each subject.  They also have a weekly classwork grade for their weekly assignments in reading and math. Special projects and writing assignments will be graded by rubrics.  Opportunities for extra credit will be given.
    Behavior Expectations- Student behavior is monitored through ClassDojo. Points are awarded and/or deducted depending on behavior. Students can trade points at the end of the week for rewards. Parents can also monitor daily behavior through website. 
    Technology- Students will be working on an assigned laptop through out the year.  Parents are encouraged to provide students with earplugs or headphones and a flash drive.  Students will visit various websites for instruction and research purposes. Assignments will also be given through various websites. The use of technology is encouraged to help students become 21st century learners.
    Homework-Homework packets are given out on Mondays and due on Fridays.Homework packets typically include a weekly Reading Log, Reading Test practice, and Vocabulary or Spelling, Math and Science. Please be sure your child completes their homework and turns it in on Fridays.  Homework completion is reflected on weekly Participation grades.