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    Table of Contents:
    1. Map
    2. Vocabulary Frayer Models
    3. Bantu Migration WS
    Back Cover: Bantu Postcard
    Front Cover: Bantu Stations
    Inside: Zimbabwe Stations
    4. Kingdom of Askum WS
    5. Pawn Stars: Africa
    6. West African Kingdoms WS

    Africa Geography PP (click here
     for additional maps if you need them)
    Africa Vocabulary PP
    Kingdom of Aksum reading - National Geogrpahic Cover Instructions (click here
    Zimbabwe Poem Instructions: 

    LEFT SIDE: Cinquains are identification poems. These short poems are designed to capture the “main idea” of a person or concept. You will write a cinquain about GOLD, which was one of the major trade resources of Zimbabwe.

    Your poem should follow this format.


    Line 1: One word (the subject)

    Line 2: Two words that describe your subject

    Line 3: Three actions words (-ing) about what the subject does

    Line 4: A four or five word phrase describing the subject

    Line 5: One word that could be another name for the subject


    RIGHT SIDE: You are to write an acrostic poem using the word GREAT as it relates to Zimbabwe. Write GREAT going down your page. Write something you learned about how GREAT Zimbabwe was. Make sure the first word begins with the letter. Include a picture underneath your poem. 
     Pawn Stars Africa: 
    (click here for PDF)  
    Tuesday, March 3rd Assignment: West African Kingdoms (readings)
    Ancient Africa brochure: (click here for example)