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    Welcome to Sedge Garden Elementary's Reading Corner

    The more that you READ,
    The more things your will know.
    The more that you LEARN,
    The more places you'll go!
                               - Dr. Seuss 

    Helpful Tips When Reading With Your Child

    20 minutes a day is all it takes!  Here are a few tips to building better readers.

    1. Read every day!!

    2. Ask questions while reading.

    3. Read favorite books again and again.

    4. Share all different kinds of books (non-fiction, poetry, stories).

    5. Read with expression.


    Why is it important to question your child about what they are reading?

    Questioning helps improve comprehension of the text…

    · By interacting with text.

    · By motivating themselves to read.

    · By clarifying information in the text.

    · By inferring beyond the literal meaning.




Last Modified on August 11, 2021