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     Second grade homework will be a bit different.  Each night, your child will be expected to complete any unfinished class work that was not finished at school during the day. Please check your student’s folder nightly and send all completed activities back to school the following day.

    Other homework activities that are encouraged and will help your child grow throughout the year are:

    ·         Read with your students at least 15 minutes each day.

    ·         Practice math facts (addition and subtraction to 18)

    ·         Review and practice spelling words. (Spelling work will be completed at school, but extra support is beneficial).


    Some resources that might help with learning at home:


    ·         spellingcity.com

    ·         ALL BOOKS—books from home, school library, public library books, etc.

    ·         xtramath.org

    ·         kidsa-z.com