• Excellent Resources to Find Information


    Choose resources (websites, books, e-books, databases, etc.) that are written by experts and match your topic. Students and parents, feel free to contact Mrs. Epps if you need help locating or accessing information sources. 
    When using books, use the table of contents and the index to locate your topic/key words. Use Destiny to search for books/e-books.
    Databases are wonderful resources to find accurate, reliable information. They are current, up-to-date collections of articles written by professionals and experts. Search them by keywords, and narrow down your results by publication type and date. Many databases will create citations for you! See the media staff for passwords.
    NC Wiseowl A vast collection of databases. Click High School Zone and browse the databases on the left. A few NC Wiseowl databases are listed below, but there are many more. We can help you choose the best database for your project.
    Online Resources
     How do you know if a website is good to use? Test it for relevancy, appropriateness, detail, currency, authority, and bias. Click here for more information about evaluating websites.
    Library of Congress has excellent primary sources, including photographs, sound recordings, maps, political cartoons, government documents.
    Copyright-Friendly Resources
     When using images, music, video, text, etc. from the Internet, it is important to make sure the owner of the work has given permission for it to be used. Google Image search results are not necessarily okay to use.
    There are several websites with copyright-friendly resources that may be used without permission under certain circumstances. It is your responsibility to check the license for each item and cite your source. 
Last Modified on November 1, 2023