We are excited that Clemmons has a Bring Your Own Device program.  Please visit the link below for information, answers to questions and user policies on Bring Your Own Device to School.  If you have further questions, feel free to email me!

    Routines and Non-negotiable Guidelines for Use of Electronic Devices


    1. These devices are a privilege, not a right and will be used to enhance the educational experience of the class. They will not be used for playing video games, social media, etc.
    2. Handle the device carefully and respectfully. Laptops should be carried with both hands. You are responsible for your own personal device and if sharing, only you should touch the device.
    3. Only use the device assigned to you, if you find the device was not placed appropriately, was not shut down or any other concerns are noticed when you log in, it is your responsibility to bring it to my attention immediately, so we can take care of it and track it back to the last person, especially with laptops being shared between 2 classes.
    4. Student devices are the student’s responsibility. Protect your device! Take preventative measure so it does not get damaged, scratched, bumped, or bruised and keep it in your backpack when not in use so it is safely packed away! Devices should not be in your pocket or on you when we are not using them or not in class. (ex: no devices in cafeteria, arrival, dismissal areas or recess)
    5. Devices MUST be charged before coming to school. They will not be able to charge them in class.
    6. Make sure you place your laptop in your corresponding numbered location in the cart so it can charge & be kept safe.
    7. Do not eat or drink near your device.
    8. Remain on task! (Off task would be considered being on irrelevant websites or personal surfing)
    9. Listen and follow directions given by the teacher. “Devices on Red” means flip it over & direct your attention to your teacher
    10. Respect everyone’s ideas and be a good listener! Allow everyone to contribute.
    11. You MUST log in to the secured WSFCS public WiFi daily.
    12. NO USE OF personal devices when teacher is absent
    1. Students will be held accountable for all other school guidelines & policies and students and parents will sign an appropriate use of technology contract at the start of the program.
    2. Students who do not follow proper procedures and/or guidelines will be asked to Red device by closing or flipping it over until they are given permission to go back on. Student must keep in mind that work must STILL be done even when the device is on Red. 2nd occurrence same as 1st and parent contact, 3rd occurrence no device for 1 month and parent/administration contact. If site is extremely inappropriate, administration will be advised immediately and parents contacted regardless of the number of previous occurrences.