ESL School Department's Assistant


    Job Goal: To help students acquire English to communicate information, ideas and concepts necessary for academic success in the content areas of math, science, social studies, and language arts.




    Teacher & student support:

    q  Supports the ESL teachers’ daily lesson plans and instructional activities

    q  Teaches small groups;

    q  Conducts discussions;

    q  Encourages practice;

    q  Develops language resources to support and supplement instruction.

    q  Is able to provide grade level academic support.

    q  Seeks help from classroom teachers as necessary.

    q  Provides individual students with positive and prompt feedback on their progress toward language competence.

    q  Adjusts instruction to objectives and individual needs under the guidance of the ESL and classroom teachers.

    q  Completes other duties that may be assigned by the ESL teacher.

    q  Establishes positive rapport with students, parents, and school personnel.

    q  Maintains appropriate student behavior under all circumstances.

    q  Attends PTO/PTA, Open Houses, Conference Nights, and other school-related events (as allowed by classified employee schedule.)

    q  Assists with W-APT and ACCESS testing.

    q  Maintains student records: updates LEP database (if assigned),updates cumulative folder with test scores, updates student addresses and phone numbers as needed.

    q  Makes calls home, translates notes and parent conferences if competent to do so.

    q  Attends appropriate staff development to enhance instruction.