• WS/FCS School Social Workers and Nurses

    Sheila Thorp
    Executive Director
    Phone: 748-4007 
    Administrative Assistants    
    DeNeen Neely
    Phone: 748-4007 ext. 72431 
    Anthony Dagnall
    Phone: 748-4025 ext. 72445
    Annette Galeas
    Phone: 748-4039 ext. 72459
    Social Worker for Teen Parents and Their Families Faith Lockwood 
    Email: flockwood@wsfcs.k12.nc.us 
    Phone: 748-4034  Cell: 414-0875
    image of passing baton during track and field event

    School Social Work Assistant for

    Teen Parents and Their Families


    Phone: 748-4075  Cell: